Is your book idea any good?

So you’ve got an idea for a non-fiction book. But you’re wondering:

  • Are the title and premise of my book any good?
  • Is it worth investing my time and money into writing and publishing this book?
  • Are there things I should know before I start writing that will save me time and money over the course of the process?

These are all good questions and I’m available to help you work through them via a 1-hour consultation where I’ll work to:

  • Understand why you want to write this book.
  • Understand your goals for the book.
  • Identify the markets you can access.
  • Interrogate the ‘big idea’ of your book to ensure it’s one that can help you achieve your stated goals while also providing value to your intended market.
  • Provide you with direction about what your next best step is.

This consultation costs $300. If you’re keen to proceed, drop me an email 🙂